Monday, October 26, 2009

Neha Dhupia Bollywood Latest News Gossips 2009

Neha Dhupia to represent Bollywood on Jessica Simpson's show.

Bollywood Bold Actress Neha Dhupia is all out to conquer Hollywood. After getting rave reviews for 'Bollywood Hero', the US mini series the actress featured in, Neha is soon going to be the center of attention on another US based TV show.

Jessica Simpson, the famous international singer - actor, who has her own show called 'Price of Beauty', was quite taken by Dhupia after watching 'Bollywood Hero'. And the next thing we know, Dhupia has been chosen as the Bollywood Beauty Ambassador of the show. 'Price of Beauty' deals with the difference in the way beauty is perceived around the word. Simpson travels around the world discovering the various concepts of beauty and this time on, she is doing a special segment on Bollywood which is where our very own Neha comes in.

The shoot is scheduled for next week and we're sure Neha is jubilant about this new assignment that would take Indian beauty to a global level.

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