Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bollywood Hot Latest Breaking News Gossip - Preity Zinta is leaving Bollywood

Preity Zinta is leaving Bollywood for Harvard.

Bollywood Hot Actress Preity Zinta
is leaving Bollywood for B-school.

“Yes, I’m going to the Harvard Business School to study a short executive course in negotiating and deal-making,” she says.

“I thought that since I spend so much time in the US, I might as well use the experience better. I applied to Harvard and got accepted, so I’m quite kicked about going there next month.”
So does this keen interest in business mean we won’t be seeing her much on the big screen? “Not at all,” she says, “I want to make sure that I can balance acting and business. In fact, I’m currently buried under a pile of scripts and am reading each one to make sure that I don’t miss out on anything good. I want to do a role that I’ve never done before.” She’s also busy with the television show Behind the Seams which she is hosting and producing.

But Zinta admits that she hasn’t watched television for the past two months. “TV soaps have these close-ups of people in dark black kohl and it really scares me,” she says.

“Reality shows are also staged, so there’s nothing real in them. So what’s there to watch?” Behind the Seams too is a kind of reality show as it takes you through the journey of the Kings XI Punjab team. “It’s a reality show but there’s no acting involved. It’s about cricketers and you really can’t expect cricketers to start acting,” she laughs.

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