Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bollywood Recent News Gossips - Kareena Shahid Kapoor Friendship

Bollywood Industry has a different term to tell about friendship, it is like pulling each others hairs initially and then handshaking as friends. Wow a new art of living! Reportedly Hot Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor once hottest pair of Bollywood, who got split are again reconciling into friendship saying publicly friends.

How such friendship takes place after an intervention of Saif Ali Khan, who bowled out Shahid and took away his prized possession Kareena still remains a mystery!

Bollywood should screen on such concept of friendship, which is unknown to common man. How they do it after hard hitting each other? Even Mahatma Gandhi would not be a match on such quality of friendship.

From sources reports when Shahid was spotted for his promotion of ‘Chance Pe Dance’, he spoke about his relationship with Bebo, who is incredibly affectionate in favor of him.

Strangely when Shahid Kapoor was accused of avoiding Kareena on Saturday night, he diplomatically or unswervingly stated, “Did I cross her? Believe me; I did not even realize it. When did this happen?”

He added “I want to make it clear that Kareena and I have met on a couple of occasions and at a few social gatherings. She is very warm towards me and so am I.”

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