Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Genelia D'Souza Ritesh Deshmukh Marriage Rumors News Gossip

Is the Genelia Ritesh Marriage a PR stunt?

Perfect timing is a term that used to be associated mostly with batsmen. But now it seems even Bollywood has mastered the art.

Otherwise how would one explain the recent controversy surrounding reports of Genelia D’Souza Ritesh Deshmukh marriage? Is it mere coincidence that the reports surfaced just a few days before the release of Hot Genelia Upcoming new movie?

Over the last couple of days though both parties have been in denial mode, the only beneficiary seems to have been the movie that releases tomorrow. Sources confirmed that the ‘leak’ had come from people close to Genelia.

A source says, “Genelia and Ritesh are dating each other and their families have spoken about marriage. But the news was cleverly leaked just before her film’s release. We are not sure if Genelia was consulted or not.”

An identical thing happened with Bold Shahid Kapoor and Hot Priyanka Chopra during the making of Kaminey where their so-called love story was leaked just before the release of the film.

Genelia admitted that the ‘rumors’ have started to affect her family, more specifically her mother.

“I am not getting married to anyone right now. I have always maintained that my personal life is not something I like discussing, but this time since it’s
something that would affect my family I decided to take a stand,” Genelia says.

Her mother Jeanette D’Souza says, “What do people get by playing such mischief? It was surprising and shocking to hear about the so-called wedding plans.

As a parent I do want her to settle down but when Genelia does, it is her decision. Ritesh is just her good friend. He was her first co-star and they have a comfort level.”

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