Monday, February 22, 2010

Lara Dutta Latest News – with Hot Dino Morea at Nashik Mahotsav

After Lara Dutta Dino Morea Breakup, recently both at together at Nasik Mahotsav in Nasik as both Dino and Lara were invited for solo performances.

As to be safe from Latest Bollywood Affairs Humors, Hot Lara Dutta try to avoid Dino Morea, they kept at a safe distance and performed separately.

Also at and of this events, organizers wanted all the performers, that included Shekhar Suman, Hot Celina Jaitley, along with Lara and Dino to come on stage and greet the audience, Lara had already left.

Another Latest Bollywood Gossip about Lara Dutta is like that, “Sajid Khan is fan or Lara Dutta”.

Sajid says that when he was writing his upcoming release movie Houseful, he knew he had to have Lara in one of the roles. “I could not think beyond Lara. You have no idea how much I have spoken to Lara one year in advance. We met two or three times at parties, and I used to just give her narrations. And I would keep saying - 'I hope you will do my film'. And she would say - 'I hope I will do your film!'” says Sajid.

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