Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kareena Kapoor News 2010 – Upcoming Next Films Lajjo with Aamir Khan

Kareena Kapoor Next Upcoming Films 2010:-

Lajjo, Agent Vinod, Ra.One, Golmaal 3

Latest Kareena Kapoor News 2010:-

(1) In Kareena Kapoor Next Movie named “Lajjo”, she is all set to make a comeback with Bollywood Bold Actor Aamir Khan as we already know about 3 Idiots Movie Success.

As per Latest Hottest Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor Interviews about Next Release 2010 Lajjo, she said that,

““I will be too happy. Giggly, girlie, Barbie doll roles don’t bring out the actor in me. I want to be challenged. I can’t play the singing, dancing mannequin any more. I’ve realized that as an actor, playing varied roles is what I enjoy the most. I’m starving for good roles. My characters in Shahrukh Khan Home Production Ra.One and Hot Bollywood Hunks Saif Ali Khan home production Agent Vinod are powerful roles”

(2) As per Latest Bollywood News, Hottest Kareena Kapoor is said to have talks with FIFA world cup event managers for making of music video for FIFA golden event along with Hollywood star matt damon. Music video will have huge budget, huge enough than anything seen in Bollywood, other Hollywood superstars who are said to take part are Kevin Spacey and Jessica Alba.

(3) Hot Kareena Kapoor is shooting for Ra.One, and then, she will be busy with Golmaal 3. Once she is free in October, only then will she be able to watch Director Madhur Bhandarkar’s documentary for Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010, for which he has chosen the footage that represents Eva Gardner, Liz Taylor and others most tellingly.

Kareena Kapoor character name is Mahi Khanna, who is an actress of today, not of yesteryears.

(4) As per Latest Bollywood Gossips, Director Karan Johar is considering teaming up Bollywood Hot Actress Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan with his production house. Because this good-looking superstar couple have the ability to give the audience the adrenaline rush.

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