Monday, June 28, 2010

Priyanka Chopra News – Cousin South Indian Actress Meera Chopra as Bollywood Debuts

Latest Priyanka Chopra News

(1) Hot South Indian actress Meera Chopra, who is cousin of Priyanka Chopra,is now ready to hit the Bollywood screens. Hot Meera Chopra has hired Priyanka’s ex-secretary Prakash Jaju as her secretary.

(2) Shahid Kapoor Brother Ishaan Kapoor joined Twitter recently is following Hot Priyanka Chopra. In fact, both Sasha and Piggy Chops hot have started following each other on the micro blogging site. Priyanka Chopra is currently shooting for Saat Khoon Maaf in Coorg.

(3) As Because Hottest Priyanka Chopra New Look in her Upcoming Movies 2010 named 'Saat Khoon Maaf’ her father failed to recognize her. As per Latest Priyanka Chopra Father Interviews, he said that, "I was stunned when I saw Priyanka. I actually went up close to ensure that it was my daughter. She looked much older than her mother! The makeup was perfect, right from her face to her wrinkled hands and feet, she had been transformed into an old woman. Besides, my daughter is a natural. She even spoke like a typical 65 year old woman.

(4) At 27th June, 2010 - As per Latest Bollywood Gupshup, Priyanka Chopra got back from Coorg yesterday morning, where she was shooting for a film. She had been away for a month, so it was obvious she was eager to get back home as soon as possible.

(5) As per Latest Priyanka Chopra Interviews, she said that, Yes a gym has been set up for me here in Coorg. I need to be in even better shape than I am right now for TV Show Khatron Ke Khiladi, and for that I needed to train now before I leave for Brazil in August. I can't really talk about the stunts that I plan to do, but they are scary even for me. If I've been given an opportunity to perform the kind of stunts only men get to perform then I guess I really need to prove myself. No one is going to judge my stunts leniently - they'll compare my stunts with my predecessor (Akshay Kumar). And I better be just as good.

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