Monday, July 26, 2010

Priyanka Chopra Ranbir Kapoor Together – Upcoming Hindi Silence Movie 2010

Priyanka Chopra Upcoming Next Bollywood Hindi Movies - Anjaana Anjaani, Saat Khoon Maaf, Chamki Chameli, Silence, Don 2

Priyanka Chopra Birthdate
- July 18 1982

Latest Priyanka Chopra News 2010:-

(1) after completing the shooting for Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 name Saat Khoon Maaf’, Priyanka Chopra is getting ready for her lead role in ‘Silence’, where she plays a mentally ill woman.

Hot Priyanka Chopra essays a mentally challenged person alongside Ranbir Kapoor, who enacts a deaf mute guy in the hero and Director Anurag Basu intends to take Priyanka Chopra to a mental asylum to help her get into the skin of her role.

As per Latest Priyanka Chopra Interviews, she said that,“I will start shooting for Anurag’s Silence in January 2011 after completing Don 2. I am preparing for my role. I need to undergo training to perform the role perfectly. I am happy to get such a challenging role, which many of my age do not get.”

(2) Priyanka Chopra Marriage: - After Last Priyanka Chopra Birthday, she turned 28 recently but has no plans to marry any time soon. She wants to marry a Punjabi Munda.

As Per Latest Bollywood Interviews, she said that,“She would wish to be with a guy who would protect her honor entirely. She's thus willing to wait for the right man to come and carry her into marital bliss.But God normally disposes what I propose. So he may give me the exact opposite of what I am looking for.”

(3) After Priyanka Chopra Birthday Celebration in Phuket, she is now back to work, on location for the shoot of the promos of the third season od the action reality show Fear Factor-Khatron ke Khiladi. She has been training hard on her body for the last six months for Khatron Ke Khiladi 3.

As per Latest Priyanka Chopra Twitter Page Updation, she wrote that, “Still shooting for KKK3 (Fear Factor-Khatron ke Khiladi) today then tom back to Mumbai for a photoshoot for Anjaana anjaani..first look comin soon. I'm really nervous. First look of AA (Anjaana Anjani) will be revealed early aug (August)!! Excited and stressed! Hehe!!I love this part.The promotions...The madness”

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