Friday, September 17, 2010

Deepika Padukone Hot Wallpaper Interviews News – will see soon together with Shahid Kapoor

(1) Shahid Kapoor Deepika Padukone will soon see together for name “Director Sabir Khan Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 Heer and Ranjha”.

Sajid wanted to start shooting the romantic comedy early, so time was of essence. But he sure isn't complaining now!

(2) Deepika Padukone gets busy to promote her Upcoming Next Hindi Films 2010 name Break Ke Baad with Imran Khan.

As per Latest Deepika Padukone Interviews, she said that, "Whether Imran is a good dancer or not you will come to know if you see him dancing during the rehearsal (of the film)."

(3) As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Hot Deepika Padukone said that,“I am sure every girl has gone through that phase. There’s this teacher you have a massive crush on, and you pass on a small note to your best friend about how good he’s looking today. It’s a kind of a romance that I still love.”

“There is a kind of a romance in written words. When you receive a letter, say in a pink envelope, the sight of it evokesthat mushy feeling that cannot be felt by anything else. I am still a sucker for good ol’ romance.”

“I still don’t know where I am going, but this is for sure that the holiday has been pending for a long time now. I’ll be out of the country for a fortnight before I start working on Break Ke Baad (with Imran Khan).”

“It’s not easy to take your mind off work completely.But when I am surrounded by friends and family, it helps me switch off.” “My early morning open air jogshave become a part of my life. Slogging it out in a controlled atmosphere (air-conditioned gym) is the norm now, but nothing is more effective than a jog early in the morning.”

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