Friday, September 3, 2010

Katrina Kaif Photoshoot Interviews – About Beauty Secrets Break ups Item Song

(1) As per Latest Katrina Kaif Interviews
, she said that,
“When I was about hair used to be longer...and I used to wash it by putting my head upside down in the bathtub and I used to play that kind of game in which you put your hair in and out of the water, and it (hair) used to be so silky.”

"I endorse the brands which I have used before. It's not that these brands are running behind me. But I sometimes hope to endorse some product, and they come to me. I am quite lucky"

"I endorse those brands that I have known for a long time or the ones that have international repute. It's important to be known internationally because those companies have the kind of research that they put behind their products."

(2) About Relationships Breakups, Katrina Kaif said that,

“She is now single and she won't think to give more details about her relationships to public in the media.”

“It is difficult to handle when a decision is to be taken in front of press publicly. For this reason in last six years she didn't tell about her relations whether it may be break up or any other decision.”

“If you entrust to something, you must fulfill it. But if the situation changes then possibly the obligation also changes.”

(3) About Upcoming Item Song Number for Hindi FilmTees Maar Khan’, Hot Katrina Kaif said that,

"After pack up, we had a feast (she ate three Cinnabons). I love Cinnabons so I asked Farah if I could have some after the song got over. I have been training with Yasmin Karachiwala for the last 13 days to tone down for the song. We trained on Tuesday night at 12 am. It`s not so much about losing weight as toning the abs and body. I have been on a controlled diet which consists mainly of fruit, fish and porridge."

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