Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bipasha Basu Hot Wallpaper News Interviews – About role in Upcoming Aakrosh Movie

(1) As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Bipasha Basu said that, “Generally I am known to play powerful roles as that is an important part of my personality. But this was a counter-casting by Priyan-sir (director Priyadarshan). Though he gave me a chance to play a character that is a complete contrast to what I am in real life, it left a scar on my psyche. It’s so scary that people can murder their near and dear ones for so-called honour. I could not imagine myself being in Geeta's shoes and would often thank God that things were so different in real life with my partner and the wonderful support I have from my parents.”

“It was the first time that I was working with Priyan-sir and I realized that his talent is not just in writing and giving shape to all the characters in a film. His trademark, when making serious cinema, is creating haunting drama, and he does that ably in Aakrosh.”

“Every shot would get over so fast that at times I would wonder if it’s all okay. But I guess that is because he’s very clear in his mind about what he wants.”

“It’s a hard-hitting film and people know that Ajay excels at this kind of cinema. He has his fan-following who like to see him in these kinds of different and interesting films. His presence in the movie has taken it to another level.”

“If given a chance to be a man, I’d choose to be a hero. A hero’s life is so much easier than a heroine’s.”

(2) As per Latest Bipasha Basu Interviews about her Fitness Regime, she said that, “The response to the first DVD, which was a 60-day routine, especially for women was fantastic. The second DVD is completely different from the first, and its routine can be followed by both men and women.”

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