Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Priyanka Chopra Pics News Interviews – ready for her Marriage

(1) Priyanka Chopra has finally declared to her parents that she is all set and ready to take on the family responsibilities. She wished her life partner to be Punjabi Munda.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, she said that, “I am ready to get married. I am just waiting for a guy to come and sweep me off my feet. If I get that kind of guy tomorrow, I don`t mind marrying tomorrow.”

(2) She with strong principles became the brand ambassador of UNICEF and had promised that she would lend her support in every possible way.

As per Latest Priyanka Chopra Interviews on Children Day, she said that, "Education can change lives. That's why I'm raising my voice for the 8 million children who are out of school... We've tried silence. It's time to speak up for every child's right to be educated."

(3) As per Latest Priyanka Chopra Twitter Page Updation, she wrote that, 'Here's wishing everyone a very happy children day... We all have a child within us.. I know I do! Even tho mine is a bit mad!! Hehe!'

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