Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Asin – accept challenge to eat Thai insects from Salman Khan

(1) Recently at Thailand, on the sets of Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2011 name ‘Ready’, Salman Khan challenged Asin to munch a local Thai insect and to his shock she actually popped the insect into her mouth.

The entire crew including Director Anees Bazmee and Producer Bhushan Kumar and Rajat Rawail were left floored with her attitude.

As per Latest Asin Interviews, she said that, "There's nothing to it... it's all in the mind."

(2) She and her family maintain that they would rather be quiet about charitable activities. She had previously initiated an eye check-up camp in strife-torn Sri Lanka and also runs a school for the under-privileged in India.

She has never really spoken about her charitable activities because she believes that these things are not an ideal way to grab headlines. So, even if she is doing something for the poor, she feels that she would rather not talk about it.

She believes in doing something for the poor and we are happy that she thinks that way. She has our full support. But we are happy about the fact that she chooses not to talk about it. It’s a value that she treasures.

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