Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bipasha Basu Boyfriend – Josh Hartnett Her First Hollywood Movie Co-Star

(1) After splitting with Bollywood Hunk John Abraham, Bipasha Basu is enjoying her Singledom.

She has found a new companion in Hollywood co-star Josh Garnett. Currently both are working together for Her First and Upcoming Next Hollywood Movie named “Singularity”.

“They also stay at the same hotel, while the rest of the crew put up at another.”

She can spend quality time with the Pearl Harbor star after the shoots.

(2) As per Latest Bipasha Basu Interviews, she said that, "The city has come alive suddenly. It's throbbing with life. There's no space to walk let alone shoot. Most of Singularity will be shot in Orchha, to depict 18th century India in the film. The remaining part will be shot in London. The film depicts two eras."

"I feel less Indian than them; I have never been to Orccha. If it wasn't for this film, I'd have missed one of the most beautiful spots in our country. But the foreign unit just blended in. They loved the place and the food. I soon fell in line. Now I feel I've been doing it all my life."

(3) Bipasha Basu Body Figure – praised by Rana Daggubati:-

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, he said that, 'I think she is one of the fittest ladies I have ever seen in my life and working with her is one of the best things that have happened to me. When I met her the first day of shooting, I was new as an actor but she's been around for so long and yet she did not make me feel out of place. I had a great comfort level working with her.'

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