Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deepika Padukone News - urged for Bharata Rathna for her father Prakash Padukone

(1) Deepika Padukone urged for Bharata Rathna for her father the famous Prakash Padukone.

Her father is 56 years old age, wins the All England lawn tennis championship, Padmasri award winner and has formed Olympic Gold Quest with Geeth Sethi for promotion of sport in India.

Observing the recent move to change the clauses for giving Bharatha Rathna to sports personalities by government of India in the case of Sachin Tendulkar she suggested her father’s name.

She is also associated with Gold Quest, sports promotion wing of her father.

The schools should not concentrate on the academic studies and give equal prominence to sports says Deepika.

(2) As per Latest Deepika Padukone Interviews about her Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2011Aarakshan, she said that,"Don't worry, we will all keep our promise"

"When it comes to AARAKSHAN, we are all quite confident about the tale it aspires to tell. There is enough drama in the film to keep you engaged. When you see the promo, you get a whiff of what to expect from the film. Since it's the issue of 'reservation' which is being dealt with, you can pretty much imagine the intensity that can be promised with Aarakshan. At the end of the day if the content is good, there is nothing to worry about from entertainment standpoint."

"I was so happy about the fact that he was giving me such an important role in the film." "Despite such stalwarts in the cast, he explained to me what he felt about my presence in the film. The way he believed in me and appreciated me was amazing. What else does an actor want than to see her director show such confidence in her? Really, my day was made."

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