Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deepika Padukone – Not Only Actress but also Kathak Dancer Badminton Player in past

(1) Deepika Padukone was also accomplished Kathak dancers like Meena Kumari and Madhuri Dixit.

Apart from this, she was playing Badminton at the state level.

During Aarakshan Movie Shooting, Amitosh, last seen in the role of Actress Sonakshi Sinha’s brother in ‘Dabangg’, has praised her for her teaching skills in Kathak.

(2) As per Latest Deepika Padukone Interviews about this Hindi film, she said that, “everything from her take on reservations to who would she want to reserve from the industry for herself.”

About Her Character “Purbi Anand” - She has a very strong and important voice in the film. She's a girl who is torn between her father and boyfriend when the issue of Aarakshan flares up. She idolizes her father, loves her boyfriend but at the same time understands the situation and where both of them are coming from. The decision that she makes thereon is important.

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