Friday, November 13, 2009

Bollywood Hot News Gossips - Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Girlfriend Priyanka Bhatia

Bollywood Bold Actors Neil Nitin Mukesh
reveals details of his girlfriend.

Neil Nitin Mukesh, who has kept mum about his girlfriend Priyanka Bhatia so far, showed up with her for the first time at the premiere of his critically acclaimed film Jail.

He says she is an integral part of his family and that they enjoy a good comfort level.
"My parents and her parents not only know and like each other, we also visit each other's homes constantly. More than lovers, we're friends first," Neil told IANS.

"There's a comfort level in our interaction that makes us very relaxed with one another. We don't have to hide anything. We meet openly and are very proud of one another. There's no pressure for marriage on either side. When it happens, it happens. The marital status would hardly alter anything between us," he added.

Priyanka has done a course in fashion design and Neil is open to the idea of her designing his clothes for his films. "I'd love that. But it should happen on its own.

Neither Priyanka nor I want to pressurize anyone to use her skills. But if it happens, I'd be very happy to be dressed up by her," he said.

Talking about his girlfriend's reaction to Jail, he said: "Priyanka and my mom were hysterical with grief. They weren't looking at just a character being put through a traumatic time. To them it was someone who they both love and he was in pain in front of their eyes."

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