Sunday, May 9, 2010

Asin Latest News – to make Tollywood comeback in Kavalkaran

Latest Asin News 2010:-

(1) After starring in the
box-office flop "London Dreams" alongside Bollywood Bold Actor Salmam Khan, B-town actress Asin returns to her Tollywood roots but insists she has never left T-town! Two years after starring in K.S. Ravikumar's "Dasavatharam," Asin is currently hard at work shooting the Siddiquen directed movie "Kavalkaran," a of his movie "Bodyguard Remake" in Chennai.

Asin Interviews:-

It is not a comeback at all. I have never left the Tamil film industry and have always maintained that I'm open to good projects. I have not restricted myself to any one industry. Even after the Tamil "
Ghajini" became a superhit, I didn't go on a signing spree though I was flooded with offers. I took my time before doing "Pokkiri" and "Dasavatharam.

(2) As per Latest Bollywood News, Bollywood Actress Asin was in Karaikudi shooting for her forthcoming film Kaavalkaaran. She was required to wear some flowers in her hair for a scene. From all the flowers that were available, Asin chose the ones that are said to attract snakes.

The choreographer of course warned her about the flowers but Bollywood Actress Asin laughed it off saying that people shouldn’t succumb to such phobias.

Now she had to walk amidst knee length grass in the dark. With the flowers in her hair, everyone on the sets was worried about her safety but not Asin.

The next day the mischievous actress came on the set with a plastic snake around her neck and everyone had a great laugh over it.

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