Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lara Dutta Latest News 2010 – seek diving blessing with tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi

Latest Lara Dutta News 2010:-

(1) As per Latest Bollywood News, Lara Dutta Mahesh Bhupathi, The Bollywood Hottest Couple was spotted together at Mahalaxmi temple.Bollywood hottest actress Lara Dutta and Tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi drove together in their white car. Lara was dressed simply in a plain white dress while Mahesh looked dashing in a tee and denims. They were seen talking animatedly before they entered the temple to seek divine blessings.They reportedly stayed together in the temple for about 20 minutes after which they left together.

(2) Latest Hottest Lara Dutta Interviews about Bollywood Hit Movie 2010 named “Housefull”:-

It's not a mindless comedy. It has a tight screenplay. So if you are not following because of all the confusion, you might lose the plot somewhere. It's a big entertainer with great music with great comic talent. We hope we entertain. It goes by the literary meaning of it. There is one house crowded with people. One person has three wives and children. These wives also have some complications. Time comes when all family members are together and confusion takes off, and that's what the film is all about.

(3) Hot Bollywood Actress Lara Dutta on the Cover of Marie Claire Magazine latest issue of the May 2010 month.

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