Friday, June 18, 2010

Katrina Kaif Interviews – Bollywood Latest Hit Films Rajneeti Upcoming Movie Dostana 2 Aarakshan

Katrina Kaif News 2010:-

(1) As per Latest Katrina Kaif Interviews about Bollywood Latest Hit Movies named Rajneeti, she said that,

I've found a lot of my work challenging or equally challenging as Rajneeti. I found New York to be a great challenge. Even Ajab was challenging in a way. But because the content of Director Prakash Jha films is always serious, the role becomes tougher, realistic and serious. But the work and the effort you put into the film is equal. Yes, I'll have to agree that in Rajneeti; a lot of extra effort went into portraying my role. I had to get a particular manner of lingo for the film and I delivered it.

From day one, I related to the script. I never thought I'd get to play the role with so many emotions and believe me, I would react to those in the similar way as to what I had reacted in the film. I just played myself more than I underplayed my role.

It's been a long, long time that I've shot a film in my home town. I'm shooting Dostana 2 in London after Namastey London. I'm looking forward to work with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham because I've worked with both these actors before. It's going to be a lot of fun.

We've discussed a few things but nothing has been locked as of now. I'm not sure which film does Prakash want me for. We've discussed quite a few films. So we'll have to wait and watch. Right now I've still got to finish Director Zoya Khan’s Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 named “Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara”which I'm shooting now in Spain. Then I've got Director Farah Khan Next Movie with Bollywood Khiladi Actor Akshay Kumar and then come Dostana 2 and then Director Prakash Jha's next.

(2) Hottest Katrina Kaif looked absolutely cute and charming in her colorful tops and short skirts that she sported in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. But during the promotions of the film when she donned the same cutie pie look, Katrina Kaif's sitting posture made headlines as it revealed little too much when she sat on the couch. Kat, we advise, be careful next time while wearing a short skirt.

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