Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bollywood Bipasha Basu Interviews – About Bips relaunching of New Website

Latest Bipasha Basu News 2010

(1) Hot Bipasha Basu has launched her own '' website. Bipasha Basu’s website talks about her life, fitness, upcoming movies and events. The site also contains videos of Bipasha Basu talking providing health and fitness tips. Bipasha Basu had the blog for quite a some time now; the domain was registered 2 year back, but had not seen much updates and development. Bipasha Basu has been on and TwitterFacebook for quite some time now but she has not been really active, but she is confident of all that changing.

(2) As per Latest Bipasha Basu Interviews, she said that, “The internet gives us an opportunity to connect with our fans. Apart from acting, I have a keen interest in fitness and health. This digital foray will focus on sharing fitness mantras with my fans and give them a perspective on a healthy lifestyle.”

“When I started out, I was called this unconventional, dark, tall woman, and these were taboo for being a film actor at that point of time. I had to deal with all that. There was also a point six years back when people said - ‘Bipasha is fat’. So for me it’s been a growth with all these pressures, and yes, I do play very well under pressure. I believe in ‘love yourself’ and you have to be always confident of who you are. That always helps. The pressures will always remain. I believe in realistic goals and that’s one reason for my contentment. There’s no end to what you may want from life but you will always be happier if you set achievable goals.”

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