Monday, August 2, 2010

Kangana Ranaut Bollywood Interviews– About her Latest Releases once upon a time in Mumbai Movie

Latest Kangana Ranaut News 2010:-

(1) As per Latest Kangana Ranaut Interviews about her character in Bollywood Latest Releases Movie 2010 name once upon a time in Mumbai Hindi Film, she said that, "Well, I have been told that Haji Mastan was in love with this girl called Sona. I was a Madhubala look-alike and a struggler during the 70s. I had worked in this film called Kachche Dhagge that starred Vinod Khanna and Moushumi Chatterjee.

When Haji Mastan and Sona met, they became romantically involved. He even went on to make a movie for her. When you work with new talent, you get to learn so much.I have nothing like I will only work with this or I don’t have any criteria. I want to be a apart of cinema which I like. So I am in no rush”

(2) Kangana Ranaut walks the ramp in a red bridal lehenga-choli for Designer JJ Valaya.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, she said that, “After JJ dressed me up for the show, I looked at myself in the mirror and told him, ‘You are going to design my wedding outfit’.”

(3) 23 years old Hot Kangana Ranaut has become a script writer. She didn’t have to search a lot so as to find the subject-matter for her script. She always had a thing for writing. She always liked writing, since her diary writing days. She doesn’t wish to write an autobiography. The diary is intimate and special to each and every person; much in a similar manner the diary of Kangana is also precious and intimate to her.

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