Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lara Dutta News Interviews – About Fitness DVD Upcoming Next Films Aur Devdas Don 2 Sequels

Latest Bollywood Current News Gossips

(1) Hot Lara Dutta will next be seen in Director Sudhir Mishra`s `Aur Devdas` and Farhan Akhtar`s `Don 2-The Chase Continues`.

(2) Lara Dutta has been working on her new fitness video but for some reason or the other she's being very cautious about it. She has completed working on the video which was been shot at Mehboob studio.

Lara Dutt Fitness DVD has been produced by Globosport, which happens to be Lara Dutta Boyfriend Mahesh Bhupathi's firm. The video will also feature Lara Dutta Fitness Expert, Zarine Watson and Lara Dutta Friend Debi Dutta.

Lara herself has demonstrated the advanced level exercises which is a mishmash of core strengthening and cardiovascular exercises.

The fitness DVD also includes workout for pregnant women and exercises for those who are suffering from back and knee problems.

(3) Lara Dutta has revealed how she gets away with wearing the most revealing outfits in Bollywood.

As per Latest Lara Dutta Interviews, she said that, "Thankfully, I can never come across as someone who is cheap because of the kind of mentality that I have. So even if I am playing a bunny in Housefull or walking around on the beach in Blue, there would be certain sophistication to my attire. I want my audience to react positively to me and thankfully, so far the reactions have been heart-warming enough to make me feel good that I am doing things right."

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