Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bipasha Basu Hot Wallpaper News Interviews Twitter – Female Lead Role in Aakrosh Movie

Aakrosh Movie Release Date - October 15

(1) As per Latest Bipasha Basu Interviews, about her female lead role in Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 name “Aakrosh”, she said that,

"We can`t be buffoons all the time just to make money. There are very few film-makers making these films that throw light on social evils and they need to be encouraged. Mainstream actors should definitely go out of their way to do such films. It's a very nicely told story...within a thriller format. Honour killings are a burning topic. And we must not run from it.''

"The kind of image I keep on and off screen is very glamorous. But the part I portray in Aakrosh is about a girl who is fragile; someone who is resigned to her circumstances. Geeta, the girl I play, is beaten up by her husband. Now everyone who knows me should know that I will not tolerate rubbish from any man. So playing the role of this traumatised girl was challenging. Honour killings are not something that happen only in the illiterate ranks of society.''

As per Latest Bipasha Basu Twitter Page Updation, she wrote that, Aakrosh n Jhootha hi sahi release on the same day!15th oct! First time in 9 yrs, this has happened to john n me!Hope both do well!:)

(2) John Abraham has been associated with the Mumbai Marathon for many years and now its Bipasha Basu who would be seen as the face of the Delhi Half Marathon.

As per Latest Bollywood Twitters Updation, she wrote that, “Very xcited abt being d Face of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.21st of nov is Race day, register nw!"

(3) Bipasha Basu Fitness Secret Regime: - "I'm a complete fitness freak and my mantra is that you should love yourself. There are a few reasons why I felt so strongly about getting associated with the event. Firstly, I like to stay fit, secondly, it's a communal harmony event where so many people come together and participate and thirdly, it provides a platform to raise funds for a good cause."

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