Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kangana Ranaut Hot Wallpaper News Interviews – may play lead role in Power Movie

(1) Kangana Ranaut to play the lead female role in name “Director Rajkumar Santoshi Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2011Power”.

However As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Director Rajkumar Santoshi said that, “I already have Amisha Patel playing Sanjay Dut’s wife. Lekha Washington will be cast opposite Ajay Devgan. I have asked Kangana to play the lead female role but it is not final yet. I have yet to hear back from her.”

Power Movie Cast - Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan

(2) Kangana Ranaut to play a journalist onscreen for Upcoming Next Hindi Film name “Knockout”

As per Latest Kangana Ranaut Interviews, she said that, “I have observed many journalists at work and have picked up their mannerism for the role. Well, the short skirts and high heels are there for the glamour part. The film itself is a thriller that takes place within a time span of two hours of screen time. And since I play a television journalist, who is doing some serious spot reporting, I had to be wearing one costume throughout the film. So I didn't get a chance to get myself an extensive wardrobe”

"The music video shot is completely disconnected from the film. It is not in tandem with my screen character. But I loved the challenge of dressing up like a rock star because that's exactly how the song is designed. Even Sanju sir (Sanjay Dutt) has a very interesting wardrobe for the song. We're both carrying guitars and grooving to a snazzy number directed by Ahmad Khan."
"When it comes to dressing up for songs or music videos we actors have a blast. It is truly dream merchant stuff. And if you let yourself go, you can thoroughly enjoy these situations."

Knockout Movie Release Date - October 15 2010

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