Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hot Kangana Ranaut Pics News Interviews – still not find any right Life Partner for her

(1) As like other women,
Kangana Ranaut has also dreams about her Life Partner.
So we know about her opinion from Latest Bollywood Interviews she said that, “I am single and not in any kind of relationship.

Only reason as to why I am single is that I have not found her Mr. Right as yet! Presently I am concentrating on my career which is heading in the right direction, and so I feels that there is no need for me to settle down or get involved in any kind of relationship, which will only distract me from my work.”

(2) Here its another her talks about Gangster time, As per Latest Kangana Ranaut Interviews, she said that, “I did Gangster when I was 18; fortunately the film was a huge hit. It was very difficult for me to portray the (troubled) character in Gangster because by nature I’m a very happy-go-lucky girl. I enjoy playing these characters; and they work for me.

Both, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and Gangster may have gangsters but they are very different from each other.”
“When I first came into the industry, I didn’t take care of myself.

There was no diet, no exercise and I was really skinny. I felt really bad when people criticized my body.

But now, I have begun working out and started following a strict diet; and people are liking the changes in my body."

“On the sets of Gangster, I tended to be reclusive, because all my energy was focused on delivering the requirements of the role. I am still the same; I value my private space and quiet time.”

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