Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bipasha Basu Images News Twitter – Singer Atif Aslam Big Fan

(1) Bipasha Basu, who is presently shooting her first international film ‘Singularity’ in Gold Coast, Australia directed by Roland Joffe has gone Atif Aslam frenzy and wants him to sing all these songs just for her.

As per Latest Bipasha Basu Twitter Page Updation, she wrote that, “Starting my day with Atif Aslam’s best songs – playing loudly in my car on my way to location. Wish he would sing all these songs just 4 me.”

(2) She is literally rolling in the muck for her Hollywood First Movie and already started filming for Roland Joffe’s Singularity, with Pearl Harbour star Josh Hartnett and Abhay Deol, shot her first scene in a muddy swamp in Australia.

As per Latest Bollywood Twitters Updation, she wrote that, “Shooting in a swamp! Full of all sorts of creepy crawlies! Action sequence today! Josh and me surely in muck, Abhay will be the lucky one on horseback! Lucky bum.”

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