Monday, November 29, 2010

Katrina Kaif Images News Interviews – About her new friend Farah Khan Son Czar

(1) Katrina Kaif has developed a strong bond with a cute little boy Farah Khan Son named “Czar”.

She is very fond of Czar and Czar is fond of her too.
The two get along like a house on fire. She enjoys talking and playing with the little fellow who has a huge crush on her.

Whenever are both together, the two become so engrossed in their sweet nothings that Farah just stays in the background.

(2) She has done a sizzling Upcoming Bollywood Item NumberSheela ki Jawaani’ for Movie Tees Maar Khan, is drawing praises from big shots of Box Office.

She has lost weight to look hot in the song. She has worked very hard to get the moves right for the song.

Tees Maar Khan Release Date – 24th December 2010

(3) As per Recent Katrina Kaif Interviews, she said that, “I signed Farah's film thinking it would be an intense film. Halfway through, I felt 'oh god it's different. Now what do I do?' I would never aspire to be a size zero. Similarly, I signed Farah's film because I knew no other director could present me the way she could. The women in Farah's films are very glamorous. And the highlight for me was the songs everything from looks to what I was looking to portray far exceeded what I have done before.”

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