Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepika Padukone Scenes News Interviews – never remove RK Tattoo

(1) At 7th November 2010 in Koffee with Karan 3 Chat TV Show, Deepika Padukone will confess that she will never remove the tattoo, since she loves it as the tattoo is the sign of love and commitment. She wants to keep it since it brings her sweet memories of the love she shared with Ranbir Kapoor. She also made bold confessions and revealed some secrets.

(2) Her current weight is around 55 kgs, but as per Director Danish Aslam instructions she carried 75 kg Imran Khan on her back in Bollywood Upcoming Movies 2010 name “Break Ke Baad”.

As per Latest Deepika Padukone Interviews, she said that, “Everyone on the sets was worried. But being an athlete, I was confident that I’d be able to carry Imran on my back without any problem.”

(3) Deepika Padukone Fitness Regima:-

“I would prefer a walk early in the morning. It’s better than hitting the treadmill. Anyway, I am an outdoorsy person. I have to go to the gym to keep my body toned. But at the same time I feel that everybody should take up a sport. If you are looking to work out all the muscles in your body, then there’s nothing better than taking up a sport. I used to represent my school for badminton matches and I still play the game. I am very much a coffee drinker and I need my cuppa early in the day. I team it with a few biscuits which are low in calories but high on fibres. One can also opt for high fibre biscuits”

“It is these small changes that ultimately make a big difference. If you are having a sandwich then keep cheese out of it. If you are having idlis or dosas then sometimes let go of the coconut chutneys and make full use of the sambhar. I have followed some of these dietary rules and all of them have worked wonders for me.”

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