Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kareena Kapoor News Interviews - never sees her movies

Kareena Kapoor Upcoming Next Hindi Films 2011- Golmaal 3, Ra One, Bodyguard, Agent Vinod

(1) As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, Kareena Kapoor said that, “I’m happy in my own space — with three of the biggest films between the Khans of the industry! I don’t need to look back nor do I have the time to.”

“My major concern is the role in the film now. It has to be an important part or else I have no interest. Fortunately I have been blessed — for films like Ra One, Agent Vinod and Bodyguard, the directors approached me because they felt only I could do the role. Sometimes, I do feel sad to break someone’s heart by refusing the roles that come to me, but I have to choose the best amongst them.”

(2) She hasn't been doing good roles because she knows she is a good actress and doesn't have to prove it to anyone.

As per Latest Kareena Kapoor Interviews, she said that," Everyone knows that I am a good actor. I have proved it time and again. I can always come back to those kinds of roles. How many people are concerned about an actress' talent? Let's be honest here. They are having a field day! I stay miles away from action. I am the song and dance chick, not an action chick."

(3) She has been a part of “Golmaal 2” and also featuring in “Golmaal 3” is upset with her director Rohit Shetty, not satisfied with the developments of it, finds the film very boring and also finds the comic situations in the film very repetitive.

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