Monday, November 22, 2010

Katrina Kaif Hot News Interviews - loves to play cricket

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(1) As we all Katrina Kaif fans already knew that she is not a good sport, as per co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan, she loves to play cricket on the sets of her films.

Imran Khan said that, "Even if she is clean bowled, we have to say she is not out."

But when it comes to playing games on the sets, she is not sporting at all.

(2) She leads actress of “Tees Maar Khan” felt comfortable working with a female director Farah Khan.

As per Latest Katrina Kaif Interviews, she said that, “Farah being a woman director has helped me a lot. I’ve had wonderful experiences of working with male directors as well, but definitely, it’s nice working with a female director.”

“The vibe is different and definitely there is a different way that you would bond or gel with a woman director.”

“She is so clear about what she wants to do and is not a hard taskmaster on the sets at all. She never wastes a minute of your time and will never call you earlier.”
“She is a phenomenal director and I think she is fantastic.”

Tees Maar Khan Release Date – 24th December 2010

(3) She till today has been seen in roles which show her softer side will go for a complete image makeover with her upcoming film, which also happens to be her own production.

But now onwards, she is gearing up for an action-oriented film for which the actress has also hired fitness experts and trainers from abroad. She will shed a couple of kilos to get into the groove of an action queen.

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