Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bipasha Basu John Abraham Marriage - All is well in her life

(1) Bipasha Basu has used her Twitter page to clarify that there’s no crisis in her life as the media reports make out to be.

As per Latest Bipasha Basu Twitter Page Updation, she wrote that, "We are just stories till we are famous, that's it. It’s Harsh reality but true. All is well in my life. Thank you all for being concerned." "I can’t be answerable to media anymore about my personal life becoz no matter how open you are, there is no respect ever...”

She has not made it clear that she and he are still together.

She’s just stated that all is well in her life, which could mean two things: first, she’s still with John; second, if she’s broken up, she’s moved on.

(2) Abhishek Bachchan is no longer in the good books of her. This happened during the outdoor shooting of Players at New Zealand.

He is supposed to have cracked a joke at the sets of Abbas Mastan flick, which obviously didn’t go down too well with the actress.

He was in his mischievous mood and cracked a joke on her and John. She hasn’t taken too kindly to the words and this time she has made her dislike evident.

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