Monday, May 16, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha cannot speak Bhojpuri Language

(1) Recently Sonakshi Sinha admits that the Bhojpuri language is like Greek to her.

Yes, as I read earlier in detail about this Bollywood Gossips.

“It will be really fun to be quizzed by my dad and though I cannot speak the language, I can understand what is being said.”

“She is going to be on the hot seat in front of me. Audiences will finally get to see us baap-beti together on screen.She should not expect any easy questions just because she’s my daughter.You’ll be surprised to know that she took the initiative of being on my show. She asked me if she could participate. I happily agreed. She’s an intelligent girl. I know she’ll conduct herself well.” This is for the first time that people will see both of them together on screen.

(2) She launched a new Hindi edition of popular magazine 'Filmfare' that features her on the cover page, in Mumbai on Last Wednesday. Watching herself on the cover page was a big deal for her. Meanwhile she was all ga-ga over the magazine.

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