Friday, September 9, 2011

Deepika Padukone – Her recent religious trip

(1) After visiting Ajmer, Deepika Padukone went on another religious sojourn - and reached the Golden Temple in Amritsar to attend a prayer session.

As per Latest Deepika Padukone Interviews, she said that,

"I am here to pay obeisance. It was a long pending trip and finally, I am happy to have come here."

"She's going through a transition period and is therefore seeking blessings."

"She stood in a queue while enjoying Shabad Kirtan."

"It's for peace in life and will keep her balanced. Religion is an important aspect of my life."

(2) Deepika Padukone New Penthouse in Prabhadevi, Central Mumbai –

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, she said about her house that, “I am excited about moving to my penthouse. Yes! I will be on the 26th floor residence when you visit me next.”

“I am a very house proud person and I have been looking into every aspect of my home.”

“I also love my current flat in Pali Hill. However, what excites me about my new home is the fact that I have earned it through my own hard work.”

“There is a sense of achievement. And there is also pride. I truly believe that each of us sets out with a dream and when we achieve even a small part of it, there's that feeling of fulfillment. My home is just one of the many things I have dreamed out. There are miles to go before I sleep.”

“I hope mum and dad and my sister will spend time with me in Mumbai in my new home. After all, a home is complete only when the family is around. I also hope, I get more time in Mumbai to enjoy my new home. As I said earlier, between January and July this year, I was in Mumbai for only three weeks. Living out of suitcases is a way of life for a celebrity. However, there are times when you long to just stay home, put up your feet and enjoy a good movie or a book.”

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