Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celina Jaitley Pregnancy 2011 – She is expecting twins

Celina Jaitley married to her longtime boyfriend Dubai based hotelier Peter Haag earlier this year on July 23 declared on twitter that she is pregnant and looking forward to experience motherhood. She is reportedly expecting twins.

As per Latest Celina Jaitley Twitter page Updation, she wrote that, "Dear friends Peter and myself seek your blessings on this new journey which we now begin .We are exhilarated & very happy with the news. As for me it’s a fabulous new aspect to embracing my womanhood. I feel complete!"

She is 10 weeks pregnant. They didn't know they were going to become parents so soon.

Currently she is in Dubai, and will return to India next week.

She was hospitalized for food poisoning some days ago and that's when she discovered the happy news.

When routine tests came through, it was discovered that she was pregnant with twins.

The doctor immediately put her under observation and told the anxious couple to remain in hospital to ensure the babies were fine.

She and her babies are now better and the doctor has given her clearance to travel to India shortly.

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