Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deepika Padukone Chitrangada Singh is comfortable with each other

(1) I am or not any other but both Bollywood Actresses Deepika Padukone Chitrangada Singh, who would be seen together in Director Rohit Dhawan Upcoming Next Hindi Film name 'Desi Boyz' all was fine between them and there were no tiffs.

As per Latest Deepika Padukone Interviews, she said that, "We got along well. She showed me pictures of her son. It was pleasant. There is absolutely no problem between us."

Chitrangada Singh said that, It is absolutely false. We barely had two days of work, where we don’t even have dialogues. There is no question of us getting into a fight, let alone fight over a pink dress. There was never any pink dress. I don’t think I need to react to these stories.

(2) 25 years old Deepika Padukone New House with 3 Bedrooms apartment in Mumbai:- She’s just moved at there.

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews about it, she said that, “I could just tell Vinita what Ihad in mind; she didn’t impose anything. I’ve travelled a lot, and wanted a bit of everything, but not a hotchpotch. And there are South Indian touches: lots of dark wood, and dull brass and gold.”

“It was very, very private and personal, and unfortunately news of it came out. It was a nice way of reciprocating a ‘thank you’ for everyone who’s worked with me.”

“Somewhere, they’ve seen me really raw, right at the beginning. After Om Shanti Om (her first movie), Shahrukh said that it wouldn’t have been such a success if I had not been part of the film. Its things like this that really mean a lot to me, and that’s what stays with you at the end of your career.”

“I may be busy travelling, but I know a lot of these people will always be there for me.”

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