Monday, October 3, 2011

Pregnant Actress Lara Dutta Baby Due Date – About her current life with Husband Mahesh Bhupathi

(1) Lara Dutta Baby Due Date -

Lara Dutta might just be all set for a 'Valentine's Day baby.'

As per Latest Bollywood Interviews, she said that, "The baby is due in February 2012. I have thought of some boy names as well as girl names, so we are prepared for whatever the gender of the baby is. It is more important to give birth to a healthy baby, whether a boy or girl.

As for the baby room, we have not started work on that as yet, but will surely do so soon."

"I attribute weight management to smart eating. A balanced diet along with regular exercise can help to regulate metabolism. I break my meals into smaller ones and control my portions. I ensure I drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. Yoga and cardio are integral parts of my exercise routine. This helps me maintain my figure and feel special every day."

"Mahesh and I are both very excited about the baby. I accompany him wherever and whenever I can during his travels. Even if I can't fly during my pregnancy, as long as Mahesh is winning all his matches and clinching titles it's all worth it. As of now, I am only experiencing one mood — that of utmost happiness!"

(2) As per Latest Lara Dutta Twitter Page Updation, she wrote that,

"My fav day with husband and pets! Finished mornin chores,and now dropping broad hints 2 husband 2 initiate brunch! Maybe shld put up banner?"

"S'thing about guavas with salt and chilli powder in this weather,at THIS time reminds me of the fruit carts at the end of a school day!"

Just finished superb stretching and light weight session at the gym! Husband making up 4 yesterday and taking me out on a lunch date! Hope he's carrying enough money and/or his cards cause with my tummy my appetite is growing too!!"

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